It’s Not a ‘Reset,’ It’s a Counterrevolution


It’s not by accident that public figures who know their movements and actions are closely watched by the press and public have been repeatedly caught on camera violating their own regulations. They want to be seen flaunting the random rules they’ve shoved down the throats of their constituency.

They don’t care if you call them hypocrites, because they want you to know that they’re above both the law and, most importantly, you. And you’re powerless to do anything about it. You don’t own your labor; you don’t own your property or your lease when they’re keen to show you they can take it all from you at any time they like.

COVID-19 is the most successful information operation in history. That’s not to say it’s a “hoax”—it’s extremely contagious, targets various systems in the body, makes people very ill, and is especially deadly to the elderly and infirm. And the seriousness of the CCP virus is what makes it all the more monstrous that America’s political, corporate, and cultural elite have used it as a platform to advance their privileges and preferences without any checks or balances to stand in their way.

Investor and political theorist Adam Townsend asked, “Are we watching the fastest roll-up of power in human history?” It’s not a “reset” but a counter-revolution, targeting the moral and religious foundations of the country and the revolution that gave birth to it—all men, created in the image of God, are created equal. It’s not we who have drawn the battle lines.


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