Test your HVAC and Thermostat

Otherwise known as “Don’t buy a Lux Thermostat” It’s getting warm enough that we finally kicked on air conditioning today. The problem was the air conditioning wasn’t having anything of that nonsense. So does our air conditioner compressor need serviced or is this yet another nightmare in the continuing LUX Thermostat saga? So before I … Read more

Uninstall preinstalled Android Apps without root

Don’cha just hate all that junk that comes pre-loaded on your Android phone? Especially if you’re trying to de-google-ify your life? There are ways to remove apps without having to get so brave as to root your phone. This handy article (https://gadgetstouse.com/blog/2020/07/10/how-to-uninstall-stock-apps-from-android-without-rooting/) explains it all. TL;DR Turn on Developer Options on your phone and enable … Read more

What American Schools Should Teach About Race, Racism, and Slavery

https://www.theepochtimes.com/what-american-schools-should-teach-about-race-racism-and-slavery_3582806.html Regarding race and much else, America’s students are not taught history. In fact, they are not taught; they are indoctrinated. With anti-Americanism. The purpose of all teaching about race in American schools is to engender contempt for America. They are, therefore, “taught” the lies of The New York Times’ “1619 Project”—that the United States was … Read more

Research on masks and covid deaths

Science of Mask Risks https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/science-of-mask-risks_3610261.htmlIn their last installment, researchers concluded that due to the extensive risk to mask wearers documented in these papers, “we urgently recommend that no adult or child be coerced to wear a mask under any circumstances.” (https://pdmj.org) “Those blue masks available at the grocery store, they’re sterilized with ethylene oxide, which … Read more

It’s Not a ‘Reset,’ It’s a Counterrevolution

TL;DR It’s not by accident that public figures who know their movements and actions are closely watched by the press and public have been repeatedly caught on camera violating their own regulations. They want to be seen flaunting the random rules they’ve shoved down the throats of their constituency. They don’t care if you call … Read more

How an International Election Observer Sees the US 2020 Election

TL;DR Imagine that you are an election observer. Can you certify any of the following? Were impartial observers verifying signatures on mail-in ballots? Did each party have equal access to provide information to voters through the media? Were election laws applied uniformly for all voters in all jurisdictions? Were ballot-counting procedures uniform in every city … Read more

Food Safe Adhesives

Nothing quite as exciting as food safe adhesives? Huh? Well, wait until you break your favorite bowl, dish, or ramekin. (bonus vocabulary lesson.) You’ll be thankful you read this. I’ve ordered the Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Waterproof Glue With Super Strength, as it seems to have the most possibilities AND it’s clear. J-B Weld 50176 … Read more

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