Websites for publishing your garage sale

Are you going to have a garage sale? Here are sites that we list our garage sales. Our original default was always, it’s free and easy to use. In an effort to generate more traffic, we investigated other sites to list our garage sale on. Interestingly enough, these all seem to be part of … Read more

Do you like mazes?

This Massive FREE Printable Mazes List should keep you out of trouble for a few thousand years. No matter what your ability level is, they’ve got something to keep you occupied. There are 20,000+ mazes from “Too Easy” to “Oh, the Insanity!” And apparently, it’s part of a massive website with all kinds of free … Read more

The Darkness – Reloaded

Day Taco Bell is dropping 14 more menu items. Which doesn’t even make sense. It’s not like they’re not going to have most of those ingredients in every restaurant anyway. Welcome to the darker Darkness – Reloaded. Say goodbye to: Grilled Steak Soft Taco 7-Layer Burrito Quesarito (will remain available to order through the … Read more

This is gonna be one doozy of a sentence…

One of my favorite Foxtrot cartoons: Please use each of the following words in a sentence: aforementioned anthropological brevity cusp credenza dogmatic 45. unilateral46. vaward47. vestige48. whet49. xenograft50. yaw This is gonna be one doozy of a sentence…

Automatic Transcribing Service

Sonix looks like a very cool automatic transcription service. First 30 minutes of testing is free, so you can know it will do the job before you plunk down any money. Looking through the transcriptions, it’s accuracy is pretty impressive. Kind of funny that it transcribes “Inerrancy” as “RNC”, but I think it can be … Read more

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