Don’t EVER do this

So, was trying to share files in a linux/ubuntu home directory with another user by using chown on all of the files in the home directory. Wanted to make sure that hidden files were shared also. Instead of “sudo chown ./.*” to process all of the files in the current directory, I missed a period … Read more

Mountain Dew Wiki

Where’s this been all my life?!?!?!?! All of these flavors we’ve missed! 🙁

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Wanted to download the 10 hour “Medieval Fantasy Music – Fantasy Music and Ambience” from YouTube, but the first couple of “YouTube to Mp3” sites had a limit of one hour. “Best MP3 Converter” downloaded the 500 meg file like a beast. YouTube to Mp4 Converter Wanted to download the 7 hour “Rankin/Bass CBS Christmas … Read more

Uninstall applications in Ubuntu

Even when you can’t find them in Ubuntu Software Manager Every once in a while, you’ll find you’ve got an application installed on your Ubuntu system that you can’t find in the Ubuntu Software Manager. sudo apt-get remove <package name> will often work, but sometimes, the package name isn’t what you expected (Dropbox, or nautilus-dropbox, … Read more

Compress or Convert video with Linux

install ffmpeg sudo apt install ffmpeg ffmpeg does the heavy lifting: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.mp4 Source: Unfortunatley, ffmpeg doesn’t give you any idea as to the progress of the conversion install ffmpeg-bar npm install –global ffmpeg-progressbar-cli ffmpeg-bar makes it pretty: ffmpeg-bar -i input.mp4 output.avi Source:

How To Install Nautilus With “Type-Ahead Find”

Patches On Ubuntu 21.04, 20.10, 20.04 Or 18.04 Source: TLDR: 1. create a file (as root) in /etc/apt/preferences.d with lubomir-brindza-nautilus-typeahead-pin-1001 as the filename – you can just run this Nano command to open a new file at this location: Paste this in the file: Now save the file and exit (in Nano, save using Ctrl + o, then exit … Read more

This’ll freak you out, part 2

This app beeps every time you send data to Google, and it beeps a lot You can download it here: Currently, it will only run on Linux. Source:

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