This Post Does Not Exist

It’s amazing what they’re doing with AI Image manipulation. It’s hard to conceive that the images that these tools render are not of actual living people. from Generated Photos:

Pamela Cooper Blue is my hero

Pamela Cooper Blue was robbed at the 2021 Canfield Fair. These chocolate chip chocolate chip cookies should have received best of fair, but they didn’t receive ANY honors. Well, Pamela Cooper Blue, if you’ll bake me a batch of chocolate chip chocolate chip cookies, I’ll award you a blue ribbon AND your very own can … Read more

NYC Now Requires Photo ID For Indoor Dining.

New York City has made headlines for being one of the first major cities in the US to require proof of vaccination for participating in regular society, specifically outlawing indoor dining for non-vaxxed citizens. Today, New York has added to the new regulation that it’s not enough to just have your vaccine card, you must … Read more

Our nation’s journalists have become a bunch of soft dweebs

Reporters who survived the deadly Capitol riot are still struggling. Some won’t go back into the building. Several have sought therapy to deal with trauma. Many still aren’t sleeping well. Read: My favorite line: Yes, the “journalists who survived,” which would be [checks notes] ALL of them.

To Stop “Climate Change” Americans Must Cut Energy Use by 90 Percent, Live in 640 Square Feet, and Fly Only Once Every 3 Years, Says Study

I can’t even come up with something suitably sarcastic for this. I’ll try. I promise. Source:

Joe Biden’s Make-a-Wish comes true!

This is the only rational explanation that makes sense of everything: Make-a-Wish foundation granted Alzheimer’s patient Joe Biden his dying wish of becoming president. Apparently the Make-a-Wish foundation not only grants the dying wishes of children, you can qualify if you’ve infested Washington, DC for more than four decades. The media is reacting the same … Read more

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