Uninstall applications in Ubuntu

Even when you can’t find them in Ubuntu Software Manager

Every once in a while, you’ll find you’ve got an application installed on your Ubuntu system that you can’t find in the Ubuntu Software Manager.

sudo apt-get remove <package name> will often work, but sometimes, the package name isn’t what you expected (Dropbox, or nautilus-dropbox, I’m looking at you.)

You can use dpkg to find out what the packages are named, couple that with grep, and you can often find the offending software:

dpkg --list | grep "package name"

Source: https://vitux.com/how-to-uninstall-programs-from-your-ubuntu-system/

Other package installers

I know I’ve run across applications that were installed via a different method than “apt-get”. I can’t remember which ones those were (think it was tying to remove an outdated version of Inkscape). Here’s a link I found how to uninstall Snap, Flatpak, and Synaptic. I’ll keep this for the next time I run into an application removal problem: https://ubunlog.com/en/desinstalar-aplicaciones-ubuntu-diferentes-metodos/

Next time came sooner than expected:

snap list | grep handbrake
sudo snap remove handbrake-jz

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