ebay listing with more than 24 photos

Well, that was fun.

Finally listed an item on ebay that needed 90 photos. Needless to say, that’s a couple more than the 24 photos that ebay will let you upload.

So here’s how I managed it, in case I ever need to do that again:

  1. Get all of the images you need somewhere out on the internet. I just built gallery pages in WordPress:
    • https://mister3.com/posts/star-wars-special-edition-theater-standee-display-assembled/
    • https://mister3.com/posts/star-wars-special-edition-theater-standee-display-assembly/
    • https://mister3.com/posts/star-wars-special-edition-theater-standee-display-damage/
  2. “View Page Source” on each page and grab the section of code that displays all of the images.
  3. Paste that source code into the first box in the “Gather your hosted images” section on the Create a CSS Photo Gallery web page.
  4. The second box on the page will show you the URLs of all of the images in your code.
  5. In my case, since it was a WordPress gallery, it had 4 different resolutions of each image, which was a little excessive.
    • So I cheated and gave ChatGPT this prompt: “I need to give you a list of image URLs that include different versions of the same file. Can you give me a list of only the master URLs?”
    • and then pasted the complete list of image URLs, which returned only the master file names.
    • Paste the sanitized list of image URLs into the second box.
  6. “Style your Photo Gallery” in the second section. Or just use the default. It worked for me.
  7. Click “make ” in the third section “Preview your Photo Gallery”
  8. Grab the code generated in section four, “Copy code and paste into HTML view of editor.”
  9. In the listing that you’re creating on ebay.com, check the “Display HTML” box when you’re editing the description and paste in the resulting code from section four.
  10. Repeat until you have all of the images that you need.

Source: posting large number of photos. I need to post 100+ photos in a listing any hints?

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