Joe Biden’s Make-a-Wish comes true!

This is the only rational explanation that makes sense of everything: Make-a-Wish foundation granted Alzheimer’s patient Joe Biden his dying wish of becoming president.

Apparently the Make-a-Wish foundation not only grants the dying wishes of children, you can qualify if you’ve infested Washington, DC for more than four decades.

The media is reacting the same way it would if it was “interviewing” a dying 9 year old that got to be a fireman for a day.

There’s nothing more pressing that the media can think of aside from fawning over Biden eating ice cream.

I’m telling you, it’s Biden’s Make-a-Wish dream come true. The worst part is, Kamala gets her wish next.


No, we were wrong. It’s obvious now that Biden’s Make-a-Wish wasn’t to be President of the United States. It was to DESTROY the United States. Getting to be President was just the necessary stepping stone so that Biden could ensure that when he dies, so does America.

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