Star Wars Special Edition Theater Standee Display Drissi #6969

This is the first theater standee for the Star Wars Special Editions. It arrived in lobbies in late November ’96. This piece is very impressive, it measures 9’6″ wide by 5’4″ to the top* of Vader’s head. The letters “Star Wars” are a clever 3-D display with characters and the Death Star II on and around them. It’s held together with over 40 metal and plastic bolts with wing nuts as well as numerous cardboard tabs.

*We forgot to measure this when we had it assembled. Those measurements are from In this image, our 6’1″ son is standing next to and behind it. So if it’s not exactly 5’4″, it’s still stinking big and has to be close to 5′ 4″.

I purchased this directly from a second run theater back in 1997 (Thanks to Lloyd, the projectionist, for going to bat for me). I have been the only post-theater owner of the display. By the time I got my hands on it, it had been assembled in the first run theater, disassembled somewhat less than carefully, taken to the second run theater, assembled as best as they could with the help of some duct tape. Somewhere along the line, some of the parts and some of the characters disappeared.

This is NOT the item you are purchasing. This is a reference image from to show what the original display looked like.

THIS one is being sold

As you can see my display is missing (from left to right) Yoda, C-3P0, Wickett, Jawa, Boba Fett, and RD-D2. I can only assume that rogue theater staff or other nerfherders helped themselves to the missing characters.

This has been stored in my basement for the last 26 years. It’s definitely seen better days. (See the “damage” pictures.) But, hey, when 26 years old your cardboard display reach, look as good you will not.

I’ve taken an excessive number of photographs. There are 21 photos of the assembled display. There’s are 7 photos showing the assembly steps for the base. There are 62 photos of damage/missing elements of the display. Nothing being hidden here. You get what you see and I’ve tried to be very thorough in documenting all issues. Aside from the missing characters, some of the underneath sections of the letters are missing. Also because of how narrow some sections are, they’ve gotten bent and creased.

The trick is going to be getting all of these photos added to any listing.

Aside from re-manufacturing the missing characters, I think the rest of the repairs shouldn’t be too difficult. But I don’t want to risk damaging it further, so I’m going to leave all repairs to you (aside from the popsicle stick repair on “Trilogy”).

This is too big and unwieldy to ship, so it’s going to need to be local pickup only. We’re in Akron, Ohio, I could possibly be convinced to travel an hour or so if the destination was interesting enough. The more interesting, the more we’re willing to travel. 🙂 Check with me before bidding if you’re not able to get to Akron, Ohio to pick up the display.

The only written information on the display is as follows. I found a link somewhere that called it the #6969. But I have no idea if that’s accurate. If somebody can prove me wrong, I’d be happy to update this listing.

Display Production by:

638 S. Van Ness Ave.
Los Angelos
California 90005

Tel: 213 383-4080

Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved


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