Food Safe Adhesives

Nothing quite as exciting as food safe adhesives? Huh? Well, wait until you break your favorite bowl, dish, or ramekin. (bonus vocabulary lesson.) You’ll be thankful you read this. I’ve ordered the Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Waterproof Glue With Super Strength, as it seems to have the most possibilities AND it’s clear. J-B Weld 50176 … Read more

Alternatives to Big Media

Haven’t gotten to check these out, but I don’t want to lose this list. So I share it here. WeMe<—-FaceBookParler<—-TwitterNewsMax<—-MediaRumble<—-YouTubeduckduckgo<——google More alternatives that I haven’t gotten to check out: Spreely.comWego socialGabTvGab socialFreedomLake

HDMI sound not working after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04

After upgrading to ubuntu 20.04 the hdmi sound stopped working. If I select headphones as audio output they work well, but if I change to HDMI output it doesn’t work. I did this and it solved the problem: If I would have read further, I could have resolved it without needing to reboot: Source:

Cloning Linux

With the announcement of Max OSX 11 (XI?), looking to phase out the main MacBook Pro. One of the best parts about running OSX has been using Carbon Copy Cloner to generate bootable backups. Now that we’ll be going 100% Ubuntu, it’s time to find a replacement for CCC. This is currently where my research … Read more

Free Online OCR Services Tried a handful of Free Online OCR Services, and these two seemed to do the best with a photograph of a typed piece of paper. I’m sure if the paper was scanned in, they would have had phenomenal results.

News Sources We Like

Do you get tired of hearing the same old manipulated dreck from the “mainstream” media. When I say “mainstream”, I mean the most in-your-face “news” sources that are generally the furthest away from reality. Our top favorites: The Epoch Times: They even have a weekly print newspaper that we subscribe to. World Net Daily: Sites … Read more

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