This’ll freak you out, part 2

This app beeps every time you send data to Google, and it beeps a lot You can download it here: Currently, it will only run on Linux. Source:

12 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router

Wireless repeater Guest Wi-Fi connection Cheap internet radio Use the old router as a network switch Adapt it as a wireless bridge Convert your router into a NAS Use an old router as a web server A DIY VPN router Sell the router on eBay Set up a separate network for IoT devices Learn more … Read more

This’ll freak you out

Try it. I dare you. TLDR; Head to the Google My Activity page. This collects everything from YouTube videos you’ve watched to apps you’ve opened on your Android phone. Apply a filter to only show voice recordings by clicking Filter by date & product at the top of the list, under the search bar. Scroll down and select both … Read more

Disney rebrands to “Moloch”


Following in the footsteps of Facebook renaming to “Meta”, The Disney corporation announced their rename to “Moloch”. “It just so much more fitting to our mission.” We’ve been hiding it for years, but Desantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” law has forced us to finally show our hand. Our rebrand will help everybody to remember to sacrifice … Read more

Got an Old Mac?

Need some hard disk utilities? Coriolis Systems wrote a handful of Mac Osx tools that appear to be pretty handy. Unfortunately as Apple contiuned to move forward, they also made it harder and harder for third party utilities to function in the ecosystem. Coriolis Systems has subsequently shut down, but in a phenomenal gesture, they’ve … Read more

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