Sue your way to better parenting

So. You’re unable to say “No” to your children? Instead of learning to become a proper parent, Monet Parham decides to sue McDonald’s to pull the toys out of happy meals? Maybe, next month McDonald’s will offer spines in their happy meals.

“Avatar” and “Manta’s Gift”

Yeah, I know this one is late too…. Am I the only person that thinks the 2009 movie “Avatar” is the film version of Timothy Zahn’s 2002 book “Manta’s Gift“. I’ll be honest here, I haven’t gotten to read “Manta’s Gift” yet and I haven’t seen “Avatar” so I’m certainly not qualified to talk on … Read more

I’m a terrible dad

Three days before Christmas and I tell my 5 year old that there’s no Santa Claus. It’s not my fault. He caught me off guard, but I still feel like the grinch.

The Movie “Source Code”

Am I the only person (besides Jim Henry) who thinks that the movie “Source Code” looks like film adaptation of Timothy Zahn‘s short story “Banshee”? Since we’re the only two people we know that have read “Time Bomb and Zahndry Others“, we probably are. I’d post a synopsis of “Banshee”, but I can’t even find … Read more

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